Our Story

We’ve created Gabby’s Wink due to the love and passion for our dogs. It all started with Gabby. We saw Gabby at a local pet store near our home. We have been passing along this pet store for months and was always saying hi to him. As time goes by, while being caged for a long time and no one was taking an interest in Gabby, we saw that his health had declined drastically. He was getting thin and frail, is showing signs of skin problems and is distinctly undernourished. That is when we decided to keep him and give the attention and love that he deserves since we thought he would be perfect for our family. It was not an easy task getting him back to his healthy state. We have to choose the right food, gave him regular visits to the vet and an endless search for supplements that would help him recuperate and keep him happy and active.
After some time, Gabby has become very bubbly and full of energy. We adopted several more dogs since Gabby because having a dog brought us the happiness we haven’t experienced before. We now have Nico (Labrador), Danica (Golden Retriever) and two more small breed dogs named Lucy and Daisy. Our family is obsessed with taking care of our dogs, and we want them to have the best healthy life we can offer.
That is when we thought of creating products that is well balanced, made with the highest quality ingredients and is affordable for every dog parents like us. That is when the Gabby’s Wink brand has been created, named after our Gabby who started our mission to bring happiness and healthy life to all pets.
Our goal is to help all pet parents to provide an unprecedented dog and cat supplements and products to their four-legged family members. We strive to prove each of our customer and their VIP (Very Important Pet) receive the right amount of nutrition, supplement and care that they need to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle. To deliver excellent quality products because we know that they are family too, and the family only deserves the best. 
Gabby’s Wink Family