Whippy Hip and Joint Care for Dogs - Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, HA and Turmeric

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Gabby's Wink Whippy Hip + Joint Care With Turmeric
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Gabby's Wink Whippy Hip + Joint Care Active Ingredients
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Whippy Hip and Joint Care for Dogs - Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, HA and Turmeric

$28.99 $21.99
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ALL NATURAL HIGH-GRADE INGREDIENTS - Provide hip and joint care relief and Support. Whippy Hip and Joint Care is an all-natural alternative in the prevention of hip and joint pain, stiffness, and inflammation including Hip Dysplasia among all types of Dogs. Due to its potent and effective special ingredients Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM and Hyaluronic Acid, it reduces signs and symptoms of hip and joint concerns such as limping, favoring one leg over another and swollen joints as your dogs take it on a daily basis.  

TURMERIC SUPERBLEND – Whippy Hip and Joint care contain this powerful ingredient which has both anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties to provide additional relief for your dogs suffering from hip and joint issues. It also promotes wound healing and prevents the risk of arthritis as your dogs grow older and more prone to certain sickness. Not only they would benefit from bone and joint revitalization but also improves digestive health. 

HELP THEM MEET THEIR FULL POTENTIAL – Gabby’s Wink Whippy Hip and Joint Care were proven in real-world settings among dogs who participate in dog competitions. If you have a dog who competes on a regular basis such as Canine Agility, Canine Freestyle, Disc Throwing. Dock Jumping, Flyball, and others. They would surely benefit from the long term effects and help them compete at a higher level. 

YOUR DOG’S COMPANION DURING THEIR SENIOR YEARS – The combination of all 5 powerful natural ingredients provides a holistic approach that promotes growth and repairs bones and joint tissues which Increases their strength and flexibility. It also helps the absorption of all vitamins and nutrients efficiently in their bodies, helping your Dog's age more gracefully with less visit to the veterinary. 

PROMOTES A HEALTHY AND ACTIVE LIFESTYLE FOR ALL TYPES OF DOGS – If your dogs are under these categories, Sporting, Non-sporting, Hounds, Working, Herding such as livestock guardian dogs, they would surely benefit from Whippy Hip and Joint Care as it provides optimal functioning of your dog's overall health to ensure it could keep up with its daily routine and activities. These dogs need a daily hip and joint supplements since their activities put a lot of pressure in their hip and joints on a regular basis. Only Whippy provides long term hip and joint protection!

GENEROUS AND FLAVORFUL PACK - It comes in Bacon Flavor that they would surely love with a generous pack of 120 tablets which is good for 3 months usage depending on the weight of the dog. 

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Dominika Kennedy

Great for Aussies!

I've been supplementing my dog with these vitamins mainly because my dog is an aussie and they have hip problems in later development. I believe its better to prevent than fix and she has been more energetic lately!


Pain relief for your dogs arthritis and joint pain

My dad's dogs are older with joint pain and he had been using human glucosamine breaking it in half and giving his dogs one in the morning and afternoon with their food. He was very happy and excited when I got him this for his dogs. He didn't even know they made it for dogs. It helps both of his dogs' joints.

Alvin L.

It helped my dog

I have a 3-year-old Chihuahua who's showing limping occasionally. It seems to be an early sign of hip and joint issue. My vet advised that I have him take hip and joint supplement so I browsed through google and see what might be the best one in the market. I saw Gabby's Wink and saw it was made here in the US as well with a better price than most competitors. Gave it a go and after a month, I saw much improvement. He's not limping anymore and whenever we go outside, he's running more cheerfully. I would recommend this to everyone I know that has a dog even to my vet.

Tina B.

This is the best gift!

We have 2 Labrador ages 11 and 13 and they were definitely slowing down and having trouble going on walks and making the steps etc. After only a week or so with Whippy I see a marked difference. Our 11 yr old is bolting around our yard like he did when he was a puppy and actually bounds up the stairs. He can't wait to go on his walks. Our 13 year old goes out in his yard and is back to his puppy self. Prancing about and chasing the squirrels and other critters out of the yard. It's so great to see this! At these ages, I know that every day with them is a gift and I thank you for helping them (and us) to play and enjoy every day to the fullest!

Andy G.


These supplements are simply perfect, and I think they'd be great for just about any dog. Ours is an overweight, 11-year-old poodle with constant hip problems. The glucosamine and other ingredients in Whippy are PERFECT preventive medicine for his aging joints, and he loves the bacon flavor to boot. My only regret is not starting him on these sooner. These types of nutrients are almost NEVER included in commercial dog food, but they're pretty necessary to maintain healthy hips & joints. Starting sooner might prevent these kinds of issues altogether.

Jody J.

Love this product!

Absolutely love this product! I have an extremely picky German Shepherd and he can't wait to have his pill every morning. We are only a few days into the bottle but I can already notice a difference in his energy, mobility, and it seems like his arthritis pain level has already improved. I will definitely be ordering again


Happy pet mom!

After being on this product for just a few weeks I could really see a difference. I usually give it to him in the morning and he really likes it. I am glad I purchased this product as my Lab loves them and is running and retrieving like he used to. He bounces around wanting to play fetch every day, something he had stopped doing before I began giving him these tablets. He has always had a sensitive stomach and these tablets do not bother him at all. I would recommend these to anyone who has a dog with arthritis.

Chris D.

She just love it!

Our 9-year-old lab was having issues getting up from a lying down position. I know that labs oftentimes suffer from hip dysplasia as they get older. I started looking into glucosamine tablets for our sweet lab. Usually, they quickly figure out what you're doing and end up spitting them out. But not with these! She thinks it's a treat. We have given her 3 pills a day for the first month and then tapered to 2 every morning. Already after just a couple of months, our old gal is getting up much easier and seems to have more energy! Thanks for making our lab into a comfy pup again!

Grace C.

100% Satisfied!

My labrador is 10 yrs old and we noticed she was stiff getting off her bed. We know about the positive effect of turmeric and thought we would try this product. After the first week, we noticed our girl was less stiff getting up from the bed. We also noticed she was less stiff an hour after exercise. Our girl has some arthritis, and this product is making a difference in her overall mobility and attitude. Naturally, when a dog does not hurt, they feel better and less depressed. I highly recommend it!!

Starla M.

This what my dog needed!

My fur baby has difficulties due to aging. Previously, I noticed that he would lie down in a cool surface rather than in his bed. I took him to his vet and it was confirmed that he suffers from hip and joints problem and recommended to buy a supplement. I am very happy that I tried this Whippy because my dog is really improving. I would buy this again and again for him. Highly recommended.

Lizzie U.

Will definitely buy more!

About 3 months ago, my dog started having a problem with the stairs. He is hesitant and would pace back and forth. Some nights he stayed downstairs and started to sleep in the bathroom. I know it's not just a simple pulled muscle. So I researched and I tried this product on him and after a month or so, he is a whole new dog. He is now active, jumping up and down and he has no problem in going upstairs. Will definitely continue this product on her and I am confident that his golden years will have a much better quality of life. And did I mention he liked the taste?


It’s very effective!

My 10 years old Pomeranian dog was limping days before I decide to buy this product may be due to her old age. My friend recommended Whippy and it saves me a trip to the veterinarian and of course saves me a lot of money. It’s very effective!

Sassy's Mom

This helped my 12 years old dog "Sassy"

My 12 years old dog , mixed chihuahua and pug, is having hard time to walk, to get upstairs and to my son's bed. The doctor prescribed pain reliever but I don't want her to be dependent with medicine. I saw this at Facebook and tried it. We are using it for more than a week and we can see the difference. She is in less pain when walking, she is not having a hard time to use the stairs and can jump to my son's bed to sleep with him. I stopped the pain reliever. This pill is too big so I have to split it. I am using the pocket pills to give her the supplement. She thinks its a treat.