Krill Treats Pure Antartic Krill Oil Soft Treats for Dogs

$38.99 $28.99
Krill Treats Pure Antartic Krill Oil Soft Treats for Dogs
Krill Treats Pure Antartic Krill Oil Soft Treats for Dogs
Krill Treats Pure Antartic Krill Oil Soft Treats for Dogs
Krill Treats Pure Antartic Krill Oil Soft Treats for Dogs
Krill Treats Pure Antartic Krill Oil Soft Treats for Dogs
Krill Treats Pure Antartic Krill Oil Soft Treats for Dogs
Krill Treats Pure Antartic Krill Oil Soft Treats for Dogs

Krill Treats Pure Antartic Krill Oil Soft Treats for Dogs

$38.99 $28.99
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PROMOTES HEALTHIER SKIN & SHINIER COAT - Natural Krill Oil moisturizes your pet's skin, enhances coat and reduce shedding. Krill Oil also contains phospholipid-derived fatty acid (PLFA) that facilitates healthier brain function.

HIGH-QUALITY KRILL OIL: Gabby’s Wink Krill Treats are a great source of essential fatty acids and antioxidants. These tasty soft treats are also shown to provide joint lubrication, reduce inflammation associated with arthritis, improve the immune system, control weight, and lower blood pressure.

SOFT CHEWS FOR ALL SIZES AND BREEDS: Krill oil treats are perfect for dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds. A dosing chart is provided on the container so you can find the perfect treatment amount for your best friend.

GREAT CHEESE FLAVOR: Delightful cheese flavor is a dog's favorite. Plus, Krill Treats are easy to chew making them the perfect, healthy reward for your pets.

VEGAN AND GLUTEN-FREE: We use rice bran as the “grain base” for our chews. We do not use any animal proteins making this very healthy to add to your dog's diet.

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Tasty and Beneficial to my Pack of Eight

All 8 of my dogs loved the taste of the treats from Chows to Chorkies! I also loved the consistency of the treats. They were soft enough to break up into smaller pieces for the Chorkie puppies. I purchased this for several reasons, one was thinning hair on my two 12 week old Chorkie puppies. Within two weeks, I have noticed tons of new hair growth! They both look so much better! I also hoped it would assist in an extremely dry cracked nose on my pitbull terrier. I have used every cream and balm you can imagine with not much luck. The terriers' nose has improved by about 70% in the same two week time period! Extremely happy I decided to give Krill Treats Pure Antarctic Krill Oil a shot!

Evelyn C.

Bang for the buck!

This is what you call bang for the buck! With 60 pcs of treats in a jar, this is definitely a bargain. I have 5 dogs and getting them treats and supplements can be a little expensive. Each treat is fairly sized as well so my little ones get a good amount of deliciousness whenever I gave them this. Did I mention it's very healthy for them too? :)


Change in skin tone and coat texture

Was skeptical at first buying a product from a new company. But after 8 weeks of continuous taking this Krill Treat, really made a difference on my dog Maddie, a 4 year old Golden Retriever. She was also shedding heavily and cleaning up the living room daily is a nightmare. Gabbys Wink Brand Krill Treat really improved Maddie's skin tone and coat texture plus reduce her shedding issues. Would continue to give this to her daily. Highly Recommended!

Helen C.

Best in Show!

I have a show dog and I have been giving her Gabby's Wink Krill Treats for a couple of months now. Her coat is perfect. I have won a couple of awards already from shows because she has shinier and healthier skin and coat. Would I keep on giving her Krill Treats? Definitely! The cheese flavor is great as well because she loves it. She feels rewarded everytime I gave a Krill Treat to her.

Andy L.

Just awesome!

Great product! My dog's coat looks better and he doesn't seem to scratch as much. I'm finding less hair to vacuum up as well, so very pleased with Krill Treats! Will continue using this to my fur baby!

Lisa S.

It helped him a lot!

My beloved Labrador loves the taste. If he could, he would eat the whole container. I ordered it to help with his very dry skin and so far in 2 weeks, he has started to stop chewing on himself less and less. I will continue to give it to him because he loves it so much and I know it has helped him.

Joanne S.

Very happy with Krill Treats!

My two dogs have been taking this for over a week. Their coats are softer and their dandruff has started to clear. I am very happy with this product! Thank you.

Karen B.

This helped my Cat!

I have a cat that was shedding terribly. I started him on one chew a day because he is a very large cat. Sometimes, I mash them into a tiny bit of canned food for him. Within a week of using these chews, his shedding decreased. He is now fluffier and has shiny fur.

Anna B.

A must have for dogs!

I have only been using this for a couple of weeks and it seems like it is helping with my dog's shedding. I think we are on the right track and I intend to keep using this Krill Treat for her. Will absolutely buy more!

Chris M.

Dogs love it!!

All three of my dogs love this! It’s a little too early to see if it helps with shedding but I will def be purchasing more!