Hide N’ Treat Cheese-Flavored Chewable Pill Pouches for Dogs

$38.99 $23.99
Hide N’ Treat Cheese-Flavored Chewable Pill Pouches for Dogs
Hide N’ Treat Cheese-Flavored Chewable Pill Pouches for Dogs
Hide N’ Treat Cheese-Flavored Chewable Pill Pouches for Dogs
Hide N’ Treat Cheese-Flavored Chewable Pill Pouches for Dogs

Hide N’ Treat Cheese-Flavored Chewable Pill Pouches for Dogs

$38.99 $23.99
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SOFT, MOLDABLE TREATS MAKE GIVING MEDICINE EASY: Take the stress out of giving your dog his medicine. Hide N’ Treat chewable pill pouches are soft, moldable treats that let you hide their medicine inside.

ALL-NATURAL CHEESE FLAVOR: Made with natural ingredients, Hide N’ Treat pill pouches are a cheesy delight for your pet. The tasty cheese flavor disguises the medicine flavor of your pet’s tablets or capsules.

GREAT DAILY TREAT: Hide N’ Treat pill pouches are low in calories making them a great dog treat even when they do not need medicine

HIGH-QUALITY INGREDIENTS: Gabby’s Wink Hide N’ Treat pill pouches are made of only high-quality ingredients. These dog treats are low in sodium and do not contain corn, wheat, soy or gluten. Safe for pets with allergies.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We promise that your dog will love Hide N’ Treat soft pill pouches or we will give you a full refund. Gabby’s Wink offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on your purchase. Made in the U.S.A.

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Jody R

It's a winner!

I have always purchased the Hide N' Treat for ease of use in giving my dog pills. She takes one Benedryl most nights for her allergies. Because she loves the flavor so much, I reserve them only for her medications. When I pick up the bag, she comes running, excited with anticipation and she sits patiently waiting for me to wrap her pill. I do pinch off a smaller piece to hold in front of her after I give her the pill-filled piece. The reason for this is to keep her from chomping down. If she tries to chew the pill pocket & discovers a pill inside, she will chew off the pocket & spit out the pill. However, if she sees I have another piece waiting for her, she gulps down the filled piece.


These things are magic!!!

These things are a Godsend. I have a dog that hates pills and no matter what I hide them in, she spits them out. For some magical reason, she'll take the pill if it's in one of these pill pockets. Even if she doesn't want to eat she loves these things which means she'll get her pills every day. The consistency is like really soft PlayDough. Seriously. These things are amazing!

Kim J.

Highly recommend!

Seriously, where have these been all my pet-loving life? Have tried for years to get our 16 lb. dog to take pills... stuffed into mashed potatoes, covered with peanut butter, wrapped in cheese... never sure if he would be fooled into taking his medicine! These pockets have solved the problem beautifully. Soft enough to wrap around small or large tablets and he absolutely LOVES them! Little did he know, there's a medicine inside! Ha! He just thought it was a treat. :) Highly recommend!


It's perfect!

My Beagle is maintenance and I have to give her several medicines during the day. I tried using peanut butter by itself as that has worked before for our dogs, and then I tried sandwich meat, but she became very leery of these things and she was able to spit out the tablets after trying to disguise them. So I tried the Hide N Treat, and she loves them! And just FYI, she is doing very well. Others would never be able to tell that she is taking strong medicines. And I'm glad for these pill pouches so I don't have to push pills down her throat or disguise them the way we once did. It makes it VERY easy!

Andy G.

Turn pills into treats!

It's the best way to give my furbaby his daily maintenance pills. She will come running to me whenever she hears the pop of his Hide N Treat. No more hiding in peanut butter or cheese, makes my life easier! It was so soft that you can mold it that you can put 2 pills in it! It's amazing!

Charlie B.

Worked perfectly!

Finally, I found a product that works when my dog needs to take his pill! These actually smell really good too. They're a little soft which helps you "mold" them around your pill. Trying to get him to be tricked by using peanut butter, cheese, or lunchmeat was challenging and unsuccessful. Now with Hide N Treat, he takes the pill easily and quickly. Love this genius product and will continue to purchase!

Charmaine D.

Make pill time so much easier, on both of us!

If you have a dog that needs to take pills, Hide N Treat will make your life so much easier. We spent a lot of time trying to disguise pills in peanut butter, cheese, turkey etc only to have our picky dog eat the good stuff and spit the pill out. With these, he eats the entire thing at once and doesn't even think to search for a pill. It has made it a lot easier on us and more enjoyable for him. While it can get expensive if you have a lot of pills to administer, you won't find a better price than this 40 soft chews. My dog ate it enthusiastically and didn't even check for pills. I've bought other brands and they are dry and crumbly and not enticing enough to invite this kind of mindless eating that gets the pill down. Try these if you have a picky pill taker, they should make your life a lot easier!

Jessy M.

It's just perfect!

My dogs love these. My lab is a little older and he needs to get his pill every morning. I usually hide it in a peanut butter and he would notice it and he will spit it out. I tried Hide N Treat and it makes my life easier. My other dog gets an empty pill pocket just as a treat at the same time and also loves it.

Jovo M.

One and only for my dog!

This is one of the ways I can get my dog to take her pills. She gives me a hassle sometimes because she's just smart that she would notice the pill inside a bread. Good thing I tried Hide N Treat! She would think that it was only a treat, little did she know, it has a medicine inside! This is great!

Ashley G.

Great product! Highly recommended!

My dogs love these treats! Especially my older dog for whom I bought them for initially. It makes it so easy to give him his pills. All my dogs will eat the Hide N Treat with no problem.


5 Stars!

All the dogs loved these! The smell is reasonably strong so they couldn't sniff out the pill inside. They ate these no problem and sometimes even use these as treats.